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A sexy pop homage to the sci fi author Ray Bradbury.
Published August 14, 2010 200k views Immortal More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written by and Starring Rachel Bloom
Music arranged by Jack Dolgen
Director/Editor: Paul Briganti
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Recording Producers: Jack Dolgen and Jon Siebels
Animation: Adam Conover
Drums: Kevin Harp
Featuring: Doug Widick, Katie Hill, Jessi Trauth, Emma Koenig, Davina Reeves, Nicole Shabtai, David Bluvband, Julia Wiedeman, Josh Ramos, Becky Ferreira, Mariah Freda, Greg Burke, Danny Jolles, Drew Kaufman, Paul Briganti, Taylor Armstrong
Sets/Costumes: Matt Allamon
Hair/Makeup: Emlia Adamkiewicz
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