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Full Credits

Starring Chris Bosh as Tall Justice
Featuring Whit Hertford as Spud, Hal Rudnick as The Chief, Jason Beghe as Moretti
Also Featuring Tess Kartel, Daniel Cirilo, David Neher, & Eric Haskell
Voiceover: Keith David
Written by Hal Rudnick
Directed & Edited by Matt Villines & Osmany Rodriguez
Produced by Christin Trogan
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Kevin Atkinson
G&E: Julien Lormant, Ryan Ovadia, Jay Guffey, Arte Elizondo
Production Design: Tony Swansey
Sound: Steve Pallow of BoTown Sound
Wardrobe: Leslie Schilling
Makeup: Shauna O'Toole
Set Photographer: Tiffany Roohani
Key PA: Elliot Dickerhoof
PAs: Alexandra Kennedy, Greg Kindra, Max Riesberg, Andrew Grissom, & Jon Ziskal