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Written by Langan Kingsley and Jocelyn Richard
Directed by Kelly Hudson
Starring: Lauren Conlin Adams, Sheila Carrasco, Eliot Schwartz, Kiel Kennedy and Dave Theune
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Director Of Photography: Rose Fadem-Johnston
Editor: Ariel Gardner
Production Designer: Tom Mullen
1st AD: Nicole Jordan-Webber
Production Coordinator: Jack Bradley
Gaffer: Stephanie Hauser
Key Grip: Hana Kitasei
1st AC: Angelia Sciulli
Hair & Makeup: Brenna Haukedahl and Erin Blinn
Wardrobe Stylist: Jordy Scheinberg
Sound Mixer: Chris Bennett, BoTown Sound
PA: Nabeer Khan

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April 10, 2017


- Sexual harassment.
Those are two words that no one wants to hear,
so I don't use them.
Hello, I'm Carol Bromweiler.
As women in broadcasting, we've all had an experience
where a coworker has come on to us.
But does that make it sexual harassment,
or do you make it sexual harassment?
Here's a simple guide to help you tell the difference
between a man crossing the line in the workplace
or crossing a line in your mind.
In this scene, Becky's boss, a veteran,
award-winning news anchor asks her to have dinner with him.
- You know Becky, you've been a great news producer.
What do you say we celebrate by me taking you out to dinner?
- I don't think so.
- Now, Becky, there's something wrong here.
If your boss offers to take you to dinner,
that means you're doing a great job.
- But he touched my hair. That felt sexual.
- That's probably because you're making it that way,
silly billy.
Remember, feelings aren't facts.
Would you file a story for the evening news
because you felt it was true?
Of course not.
This is Fox News.
Now, try again Becky.
- I will go to dinner with you.
And you can touch my hair or anything else.
- Good answer.
Let's move on to the next scenario.
- I like this.
- Uh oh, Becky didn't pay attention before
and is now reporting her boss for inappropriate behavior.
Let's take a look.
- And then, he invited me up to his hotel room.
- Hmm, it sounds to me like he's pleased with your work
and would like to mentor you.
- That's right.
In the world of news, giving one on one attention
is what we call being a mentor.
- I want a mentor, but I just feel like
going up to his hotel room would lead to
an inappropriate encounter.
- There we go with the feelings again.
Who can say what would happen
with your boss in a hotel room?
I'll tell you who definitely can't.
You, because you didn't go.
- Wow, I guess I never thought of it that way.
- No, you didn't, Becky. No, you didn't.
Wow, now Becky is talking to a lawyer.
Um, overreact much, Becky?
- And he kept making graphic sexual late night phone calls
to my home.
- Well, there's a chance you can settle for a sum of money
outside of court, but you don't have a criminal suit.
- He's right.
The only suit you'll get is the one you wear
to the meeting with your boss when you apologize to him.
- But my boss told me he wanted me to
rub my pussy with a falafel.
Isn't that wrong?
- (laughs) Use a loofah.
I've been told to falafel my pussy
more times than I can count and look at me now.
- Not to mention, these lawsuits will destroy
your boss's reputation with his wife and kids.
- Great point, Larry.
Now who's the bad guy, Becky?
- I still think I should pursue legal action.
- Shh, shut up Becky right now.
Shut up like the rest of us.
I need you to listen to me very carefully, okay?
If you cannot silence your inner voice,
I need you to silence your outer one, okay?
- Okay.
- And scene.
Wow, that sure was instructional.
What do all these scenarios have in common?
The looming threat of a very qualified man
losing his job, his respect, and his credibility,
all because you couldn't keep your mouth shut,
could you, Carol?
And now, you're stuck doing the HR training videos
for the very company you hoped to run one day,
but you know what, Fox News will never be held accountable.
Nothing will ever change for them or for you.
There's no way out.
Thank you for watching our sexual harassment training video.
We won't see you in court.
- What is-
- For credits.
- I don't know what that means, to play us out.
What does that mean?
To end the show?
- [Cameraman] Yeah, yeah.
- Alright, go, go.
- [Cameraman] In five, four, three.
- That's tomorrow and that is a-
- [Cameraman] Again, five, four, three.
- That's tomorrow and that is it for us today.
And we will leave you with a-
I can't do it. We'll do it live.
- [Cameraman] Okay.
- We'll do it live. Fuck it.
Do it live. I'll write it, and we'll do it live.
- Okay.
- Fucking thing sucks.
- [Cameraman] In five, four, three.
- That's tomorrow and that is it for us today.
I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thanks again for watching.
We'll leave you with Sting and a cut off his new album.
Take it away.