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The Philadelphia Phillies fan that was tasered after running on the field as sparked... more »
Published May 11, 2010 1.8k views More Info »
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Alright, I need help.
I NEED help.
I mean look at me right now, I’m a mess. This face is still ridiculously good looking, but my thoughts are all over the place with this story. So I need your help to decide.

The story that I torn over is the one involving the 17 year-old Philadelphia Phillies fan who ran onto the field in the middle of a game at Citizens Bank Park last week and was subdued by a taser.

At first I was against the tasering. In some aspects I think tasers are for cheaters, maybe because the first time I saw someone use a taser it was The Mountie on WWF superstars in 1991. But I’m a sucker for the good old days when a fan would run onto the field and then get speared by security.

But then on the other hand you get a situation like this one that happened at few years back at a Chicago White Sox’s game when Kansas City Royals coach Tom Gamboa was attacked by this white trash father/son team, and who knows maybe the threat of being tasered would have prevented such an attack.

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