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February 11, 2013


son antonikid :
hello customer services. has this television
channel was satelite has freaking to the has
broken or crashed at the to children bird and
something this big bird at the house.

customer services :
this has technical problem at the from custome
services become to at the mall or home in the to
double rainbow vision has channel or television o
was crashed or broken this channel.

son antonikid :
thanks you sir. this become to custome
services at the mall or house in time 5pm
antonigames and friends you this has here
fixing this channel at the home antonikid.

customer services :
thanks you son antonikid.

conclusion -

son antonikid :
hey antonigames,antonkid and friends has
this from happy birthday party this germany
new year 2013 has about.

antonigames :
hey son antonikid and mom antonigames.
where this channel television was broken?.

mom antonigames :
shut up!