While being interviewed by NBC News anchor Chuck Todd, President Trump's aide Stephen Miller reveals that he is actually a real life weasel.

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February 15, 2017


And joining me now
it's Stephen Miller.
He's is the Senior Policy Advisor
to President Trump,
and he played a key role in the drafting of the
partial travel ban, and he joins me now.
Mr. Miller welcome to Meet the Press.
Is that what you and others are
doing right now drafting a new order
since essentially the Ninth Circuit
seemed to give you a roadmap
of how to draw up something slightly more
narrow that would accomplish your goal?
[shrill squeaking]
[Chuck] Yeah.
Well, you say that very definitively,
but obviously there is an
agreed upon that.
Why are you so confident?
[shrill squeaking]
[Chuck] Look, I understand that.
But I guess I go back to, uh, if you do that,
if this was about the security of the country,
why wasn't Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, I can keep going down the list,
where we have had foreign nationals
from those countries that I've listed
attempt terrorist acts in this country?
[shrill squeaking]
Stephen Miller,
Senior Policy Advisor to the President,
thanks for coming on, sir.
[shrill squeaking]