Drew Brees and Ray Lewis throw a BBQ that is going great until it goes horribly wrong and everyone is taken aback.

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Starring Drew Brees & Ray Lewis


[Music Playing]
Announcer: It was your average day at the beach. They were your above-average football players.
Ray Lewis: Hey, Drew Brees!
Drew Brees: Ray Lewis!
Announcer: But, what they didn't count on was something new. Something bold.
Male Partyer: What kind of bottle is that? Ahh!
Announcer: Something dangerously delicious.
Female Partyer: Looks like he's been taken aback.
Ray Lewis: Not just taken aback, taken aback by maximum taste!
Announcer: From the creators of the original Pepsi Max bottle.
[Woman Screaming]
Announcer: Comes a new, older Pepsi Max bottle. With a taste so good, you won't believe it's zero calories.
Ray Lewis: Not this time!
Man On Island: Hey! Drew Brees! Throw me the ball!
Drew Brees: Yeah, no problem!
Man On Island: [Screaming]
[Man Screaming]
Ray Lewis: Help! I can't get it off! I need somebody to help! HELP! It's too good! I need help! It's frickin' amazing!
[Woman Screaming]
Ray Lewis: No!
Drew Brees: From the looks of it, we're dealing with something that has zero calories, and maximum taste.
Ray Lewis: That's not possible, Drew Brees!
Male Partyer: Oh man! Oh Man!
Blonde Girl: Keep it together!
Male Partyer: You don't understand! We're dealing with a whole cooler full of them!
Blonde Girl: Oh my gosh. We're all gonna be taken aback.
Brunette Girl: Hello? [Gasps]
Ray Lewis: AHH! I can't handle how good this tastes!