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Full Credits

Starring - Carlos Santos, Michael Cassady, Will Hines and Will McLaughlin
Written and Directed by Travis Helwig
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Gaffer - Matt Sweeney
Visual Effects - Shawn James
Editor - Pascal De Maria
Producer - Sean Boyle

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September 22, 2015


NARRATOR: Draft Duel's one week leagues
for real money
are the hottest thing in
fantasy football.
Will McLaughlin: On Draft Duel
I won over $62,000 dollars,
is what I would've been saying
if I had made some slightly
different choice in players.
NARRATOR: Draft Duel is easy.
Just choose a league, pick
a team, and throw your money into
a cyber garbage bin of hope.
Michael Cassady: Thanks to
a loop whole
in the Unlawful
Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, this
isn't gambling.
It's just wagering money on sports.
Carlos Santos: There's
dollar games, $2 dollar games.
Will Hines: I spent $150 dollars on draft
duel which I was going to
use to take out my wife, but
I didn't win.
Then my wife left me, which
means I have more to spend on
next week.
I got my friends at work to
join, and I made 6 grand in one week,
mostly off of them.
NARRATOR: Leagues last one week
so you can choose
when you play.
You can play during the day.
You can play in the middle of
the night when your wife screams, "Seriously, Derek,
get out of my life!"
NARRATOR: Over one million
people have already won money
on Draft Duel, and you get
your money right away so you
can bet it again, and lose
it all the following week.
Each player has a value.
You just pick your team,
and you make your bet.
Week one, you may win 20 bucks.
Week 2, doesn't go
so hot. Week 3, you double
down, and it also doesn't
go so hot.
I won $2000 dollars from
a pawn shop where I sold my
wedding ring.
Jocelyn just needs to trust me more.
I mean, that's what a wife does,
Ex, that's the first time I
said that out loud.
My God.
Does anybody want to buy my car?
Week 5, you've thrown your
phone into the river, because
you're tired of your friends
calling up and asking for
their money back.
NARRATOR: And with Draft Duels
money back guarantee,
you have nothing to lose.
I have nothing left to lose.
I have nothing left to lose.
I have, nothing.
NARRATOR: So head over to for a free $200 dollars.
Type in the promo code, "ThisIsAGoodIdea69".