There is a storm being caused by gay marriage and we are all in serious trouble.... more »

Full Credits

Starring: Sarah Chalke, Jason Lewis, Lynne Stewart, Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, Liz Feldman, Sophia Bush, Drew Droege, Mike Hitchcock, Daniele Gathier, Jay Lay, Erin Foley, George Takei, and Jane Lynch.
Written by Liz Feldman and Mike Rose
Directed by Liz Feldman, Mike Rose, Lauren Palmigiano
Produced by Liz Feldman, Mike Rose, Lauren Palmigiano and Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Brad Schulz
Editing and Special Effects by: Brad Schulz
Gay Raindrops: Lauren Palmigiano and Pete Zias
Special Thanks: Billy Lazurus and Greg Clark


Sarah Chalk: There’s a storm gathering.

Jason Lewis: That’s why there’s these clouds behind me. They represent a storm that’s gathering.

Lynne Stewart: And it’s gathering fast.

Alicia Silverstone: And I am afraid, cause I have a fear of storms.

Lance Bass: I’m also afraid.

Liz Feldman: And I am afraid. Wait. Did someone say that? Oh, he did. My bad.

Sarah Chalk: Some who advocate for same-sex marriage, take the issue far beyond same-sex marriage.

Sophia Bush: Like, really far.

Drew Droege: They’re trying to force the issue into my life and it’s just stupid.

Mike Hitchcock: The storm is getting worser and worser.

Daniele Gaither: Stop it storm.

Alicia Silverstone: Stop it storm!

Mike Hitchcock: Stop it storm!

Jason Lewis: I’m a California doctor who must choose between my faith and my job, because doctors hate gay marriage.

Alicia Silverstone: I’m a Massachusetts’ mother, helpless standing by as the schools teach my children that gay marriage is okay. I also have an issue with their hot lunch program.

Jay Lay: I’m a Connecticut weatherman and there’s a cold front coming in. It’s gay people, okay. They’re here and we’re here, the not gay people. They are trying to get us. Be careful and wind chill will definitely be a factor. So, bundle up.

Erin Foley: The storm is getting bigger.

Daniele Gaither: This storm is being caused by gay marriage.

George Takei: That’s what’s up there, married gay people, and they’re doing all this.

Sarah Chalke: Soon, gay people will start falling out of the sky.

Lance Bass: Onto our homes.

Sophia Bush: Onto our churches.

Lynne Stewart: And onto our families.

Jay Lay: A downpour of gay people, threatening the way we live.

Sarah Chalke: And this gay rain army won’t stop.

Lynne Stewart: They’ll come at us, marching.

Liz Feldman: Not marching. More like a dance. They’ll dance at us.

Sarah Chalke: And it’ll be choreographed. It’ll be good.

Daniele Gaither: But they won’t stop until all of us and our children are gay married.

Mike Hitchcock: I’m so angry!

Unknown man: This storm is coming.

Jane Lynch: But we have hope. People of every creed, race and color are coming together to build a giant umbrella of faith, morality, and righteousness that will protect us from this gay rain army. And that’s not just a metaphor. We’re actually building an umbrella. So, if you want to protect marriage and you have any experience building a giant umbrella, join us at www dot giant gay repellent umbrella dot com.