Never before seen footage of James Franco's Gucci commercial outtakes.

Full Credits

Written and directed by Robert Padnick
Produced by Vince Jolivette
Edited by Zak Wojtanowicz

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October 26, 2009


->Exclusive.You're running with me.And cut!Yeah, Gooky by Gooky.Okay, uh, it's actually pronounced goochee,You sure about that, I think you might be wrong.Um, no, it's definitely goochee, I'm 100% certain.Okay.You've heard the name before,Yeah, whatever, man, I just always thought it was Gucky,Okay, okay, all right, let's ride it back.I will be the sameAnd cut!Cool?Uh--
->Got it, right?No, no, no, you said Gooky again.I don't think so, I said Gucci.And cut!All right, all right, (bleep), all right.Okay, okay, okay.Sorry, I'm getting mad at you.No problem.Yeah, yeah, I got it.And--
->Just keep it rolling!All right--
->Keep it rolling!And cut, and cut, okay, so it's Gucci by--I had it, man, I'm not gonna get it, if you just.We're gonna try something.All right, fine, let's work together.Let's, why don't you just say Gucci by Gucci--Yeah, why don't I just say that, if you don't say, "Cut?"10 times in a row,10 times in a row?Just however many times in a row you want.How many times I want?Okay.
->And I'll have it.No variety, just one way of saying it.All right.Okay, and cut.