A sad story about an internet stalker and his not-so-helpless victim. Parody sung in English! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EshhMFMvVQE

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May 23, 2013


True story. True story?

And tell me, what is your problem?

Enlarge your cam
Hey, I've seen your sexy photos

Enlarge your cam
Hey, I'm a pretty hipster guy

Enlarge your cam
My heart is bleeding passion

Enlarge your cam
Your boobs call me to action

You're like a dream to me
I swear I'll make you happy with a colonoscopy

Give me your address, take a breath and you'll see

I'll be cuddly, sweet and scented, but
You must give it to me

Baby, you will know what stalking is

Ah, ah, ah, you know that
Ah, ah, ah, I like you

Ah, ah, ah, I swear I'm
Handsome, rich, a gentleman


You there?
Cool as hell, a gentleman

You cam?

Hard and pure, a gentleman

Enlarge your cam
Hey, I've seen your lesbian photos

Enlarge your cam
Hey, I'm a huge calibe

Enlarge your cam
My heart is falling in love

Enlarge your cam
My organ is on fire

I grabbed your smut on screen
You will become a sta
The crappiest MANIAC ever seen

With that shitty face of yours
You're just as cool as mr. Bean

I will convey your verses
To Posterity and to the Cops

Baby, you will know what respect is

Ah, ah, ah, You're wrong
Ah, ah, ah, Don't do it
Ah, ah, ah, Because I'm

A millionaire and a gentleman

I grab your crap on screen
And I will make you scream!
I'll make you feel the steam

Please, don't!

I sent every screen shot
To everyone you know
Now wait and see it blow

Please, don't!
Please, don't!
Please, don't! Don't! Don't! Don't! Don't!

I I I I I I I I swear I'll become a gentleman

Sweetie Swe-sweetie
Listen - I'm a perfect gentleman

I die of love
In the night that never dies

And I imagine you by my side
I, with the tears that slowly melt

And you, you give me your HAND

Dirty filthy lousy jerk!

I've had enough of these masks
And these stereotypes

A maniac, a frigid woman
Take off your masks

And show yourselves to each othe
For what you really are

Well, ok, see me and chat