Birth imminent, Wills and Kate take Prince Harry's advice on how best to connect with their public and go bad ass.


Crazy lady situation still making her queasy
I'm rankled my cankles are swelling uneasy
Mood swings!
Would you like a cup of tea?
Yes please. ____ YOU! Ah you've made one for me

Put on weight, what a fate!
Love this inflated state.
This mutha's slaving for a craving to up the stretch mark rate
He doubles up his love for double double the Kate
I say I'd double up my dipper for a lovely dip o' Pippa

(K: What?
W: Pardon?)

Duke and Duchess of CamFRIDGE
It's my new church, it's like a relig
Chockful of chocolate
Curly Wurlies get me high
Four-and-twenty cream cakes baked in a pie

Fill your hole!
Eat some coal! Screw the hunger control
Hold on - coal?
Smoke a bowl!
What's this hormonal roll?
A potent pork means she wants to eat chalk
I'm a duchess and I wanna eat chalk!


Pregnant! Still mother ____ing pregnant
Oh yeah, we're mother ____ing pregnant
That means I'm mother ____ing pregnant
No you're not William, I am

It's me, still mother ____ing pregnant
Check this, I'm mother ____ing pregnant
How does it feel to be the hottest girl in the world? Girl in the world?
Can someone pull my finger?

As the belly's designed to bounce what counts is that the heir's allowed to grow inside...
What, like fart gas air? Urgh! What is this air?
Like 'heir to the throne', blood. Don't lose your hai

About to pop and the pregnant mind frazzles
A constant need to pee and the world bedazzles
A royal function's compunction is a brain malfunction
Her head flops to slop like a dubstep drop!


Pregnant! Still mother ____ing pregnant
Ah yeah, we're mother ____ing pregnant
That means I'm mother ____ing pregnant
It's me, still mother ____ing pregnant.
____ me! I'm mother ____ing pregnant!
P-R-E-G-A-N-T! Tell them what it means to me!
Um, that spells 'PRE - GANT'
Oh yeah.