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check has about from maritan and maritan kid's has this about buy game has play game... more »
Published July 10, 2012 38 views More Info ยป
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Published July 10, 2012
maritan :

okay, has your know this about video game has
this your buy game on gamebuyer has about where
do you play game X-COM : enemy unknown on a
playstation 3 there that this your are ?.

maritan's kid :

hey maritan. you are this buy game X-COM.
do you has need with credit card has need is
buy game on gamebuyer has playstation 3 has
your with controller has this game with blu-ray??.

maritan :

how many much this that has need you
with credit card or cash money. that about
this your buy game X-COM about understand?.

maritan's kid :

understand!. do you that this buy game has
about this grandmother has this buy game on
gamebuyer has buy X-COM : enemy unknown
has maritan do you like a alien??.

maritan :

oh mean?! has your about this in the with
credits card and money cash in for at the
retail for 599$ US dollars maritan. let's buy.

maritan's kid :


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