iPads and iPhones face-off in this Apple-themed Twitter anthem that spoofs Michael... more »

Full Credits

Created by http://seedwell.com
© 2010 Pantless Knights / Seedwell
Contact us at info[at]seedwell.com
Created by Seedwell / The Pantless Knights
Produced by Peter Furia, Beau Lewis and David Fine
Directed by David Fine
Lyrics written by Beau Lewis and Peter Furia
Music by Jeff Kite
Vocals by Patrick Dunnam
Camera by David Fine and Tom Dunnam
Edited by Beau Lewis and Peter Furia
Line Produced by Kimi Milo
Lighting, Grip and Dolly by Tom Dunnam and Patrick Dunnam
Make-up by Karen Wang
Choreography by SuzE Q and Paul Benshoof
Peter Furia as Michael Jackson
Beau Lewis as iPads Leader
Patrick Dunnam as iPhones Leader
Dancers: SuzE Q, Paul Benshoof, Travis Judd, Jonathan Mercer, David King, Marissa Benshoof
iPhone extras: Phil Amidon, Tom Dunnam, Sarah Wolken, Erika Shumate, Chris Kelly, Karen Wang
iPad Extras: Matt Fitzgerald, Jodi Ellis, Tyler MacNiven, Bobak Bakhtiari

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October 18, 2010