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This whut happen in the alternite universe if thangs had gone terublee wrong in the... more »
Published November 06, 2012 860 views More Info ยป
Oh yeah!
Look folks, there it is!
They done called the election for...
Mitt Fuckin' Romney
are you fuckin' kiddin' me America?
He's the fuckin' Taylor Hicks
of presidential elections!
Oh goddamn this make me
sick to my stomach!
Don't you realize this is the nail in the coffin!
You idgits, just hide and watch!
This nation is gonna go down in flames!
And a whole slew of Mormon aliens is gonna
come down upon us and they are gonna just
wipe us out of existence!
And that's How I Seize It!
Goddamn where my gun?
I gonna shoot me some Mormon aliens!