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Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin will obviously be playing a villain in his next role, here are the audition tapes.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring - Jean Dujardin
Featuring - Anne Rieman, Nick Corirossi
Writer/Director/Editor - Ryan Perez
Producers - Alex Richanbach & Michelle Fox
DPs- Luca Del Puppo & Jonathan Nicholas
Gaffers - Eric Ulbrich & Sam Kim
Electric - Jarrett Sexton, Jason Booth, Eric Tolzmann, Aleks Abad
ACs - AJ Baca & Ray Lee
Sound - BoTown Sound
Jean Dujardin's Hair and Makeup - Louise Moon
Hair & Makeup - Emily Rae
Wardrobe - Heater Lake
First AD - Lauren Smitelli
PAs - Ross Buran, Andrew Grissom, Daniel Worlock
Production Designer - Caity Birmingham
Art Department - Caroline Louis, Vicky Chan, Alexx Bonovich
Special Thanks to Bryna Rifkin
Announcer: Lights, camera, action!

Nick Corirossi: Jean, I don't need to tell you this, but you have garnered a lot of heat in America off of The Artist.

Anne Rieman: Everyone in Hollywood wants to know: what is Jean Dujardin going to be doing next?

Jean Dujardin: Especially Jean Dujardin.

[everyone laughs]

Nick: Yeah! You know what a lot of European actors do once they get their big American break? They play a villain in a big action movie. I'm talkin' Jean Reno, Christoph Waltz

Anne: Javier Bardem, they all played bad guys.

Jean: And I want to play this type of part very much.

Anne: I'm really glad to hear that because we have a lot of auditions set up for you.

Jean: Really?

Nick: A lot!

Jean: Oh!


Jean: Jean Dujardin, I am reading the role of James Bond's nemesis. Not so fast, Mr. Bond. You clever, but I'm more clever.


Not so fast, Ethan Hunt. Looks like this mission is impossible.


Checkmate John McClane. Time to die.


Come, come Jason Borne, did you think you could get away so easy?


Nice try Sherlock Holmes, but this is mystery you won't solve!


The game [inaudible] is a bit sunder, your dragon tattoo cannot save you now.


Not so fast, Spy Kids! No more child's play! [toy gun sounds]


Prepare to die Jack and Jill. [laughs] I've never killed a brother and sister together.


Nice try, bridesmaids, but none of you get the bouquet!


Time to walk the plank, John Sparrow. [laughs]


[laughs] It appears you have bought your last zoo [gun cocks]


Judy Moody, looks like your summer will be a bummer.


BOND! ANT! Borne? McClane. IRON MAN! Ghost Rider. Cesar! OPTIMUS PRIME! Thor! Tin Tin. Kermit? TRON? Conan. ROCKY! MADEA! [laughs] Smurfs? Kazaam? Alvin! Larry Crowne, more like Larry Drown! Thank you.

Anne: We have terrific news, Jean.

Nick: You booked all of the parts.

[everyone laughing and high-fiving]

Anne: Congratulations!

Nick: We should really get going, because you are about to star in fifty films this year.

Jean: Fifty?

Nick: Tough, it's gonna be tough. We, we have no time.

Jean: Mmm.

Nick: This celebration must end. Yeah.

[music playing]