Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin will obviously be playing a villain in his next role, here are the audition tapes.

Full Credits

Starring - Jean Dujardin
Featuring - Anne Rieman, Nick Corirossi
Writer/Director/Editor - Ryan Perez
Producers - Alex Richanbach & Michelle Fox
DPs- Luca Del Puppo & Jonathan Nicholas
Gaffers - Eric Ulbrich & Sam Kim
Electric - Jarrett Sexton, Jason Booth, Eric Tolzmann, Aleks Abad
ACs - AJ Baca & Ray Lee
Sound - BoTown Sound
Jean Dujardin's Hair and Makeup - Louise Moon
Hair & Makeup - Emily Rae
Wardrobe - Heater Lake
First AD - Lauren Smitelli
PAs - Ross Buran, Andrew Grissom, Daniel Worlock
Production Designer - Caity Birmingham
Art Department - Caroline Louis, Vicky Chan, Alexx Bonovich
Special Thanks to Bryna Rifkin


Announcer: Lights, camera, action!
Nick Corirossi: Jean, I don't need to tell
you this, but you have
Nick Corirossi: garnered a lot of heat in
America off of The Artist.
Anne Rieman: Everyone in Hollywood
wants to know:
Anne Rieman: what is Jean Dujardin
going to be doing next?
Jean Dujardin: Especially Jean Dujardin.
[everyone laughs]
Nick Corirossi: You know what a lot
of European actors do once
Nick Corirossi: they get their big
American break?
Nick Corirossi: They play a villain in a
big action movie. I'm
Nick Corirossi: talkin' Jean Reno,
Christoph Waltz
Anne Rieman: Javier Bardem, they all
played bad guys.
Jean Dujardin: And I want to play this
type of part very much.
Anne Rieman: I'm really glad to hear
that because we have a lot
Anne Rieman: of auditions set
up for you.
Jean Dujardin: Really?
Nick Corirossi: A lot!
Jean Dujardin: Oh!
Jean Dujardin: Jean Dujardin, I am
reading the role of
Jean Dujardin: James Bond's nemesis.
Not so fast, Mr. Bond.
Jean Dujardin: You're clever, but I'm
more clever.
Jean Dujardin: Not so fast, Ethan Hunt.
Looks like this mission is impossible.
Jean Dujardin: Checkmate John McClane.
Time to die.
Jean Dujardin: Come, come Jason Borne,
did you think you could
Jean Dujardin: get away so easy?
Jean Dujardin: Nice try Sherlock Holmes,
but this is mystery...
Jean Dujardin: you won't solve!
Jean Dujardin: Game over Lisbeth Salander,
your dragon
Jean Dujardin: tattoo cannot save
you now.
Jean Dujardin: Not so fast, Spy Kids!
No more child's play!
[toy gun sounds]
Jean Dujardin: Prepare to die Jack
and Jill. [laughs]
Jean Dujardin: I've never killed a
brother and sister together.
Jean Dujardin: Nice try, bridesmaids, but
none of you get the bouquet!
Jean Dujardin: Time to walk the plank,
Jack Sparrow. [laughs]
Jean Dujardin: [laughs] It appears you
have bought your last zoo [gun cocks]
Jean Dujardin: Judy Moody, looks like
your summer will be a bummer.
Jean Dujardin: BOND! ANT! Bourne? McClane.
IRON MAN! Ghost Rider.
Jean Dujardin: Cesar! OPTIMUS PRIME!
Thor! Tin Tin. Kermit?
Jean Dujardin: TRON? Conan.
Jean Dujardin: [laughs] Smurfs?
Kazaam? Alvin!
Jean Dujardin: Larry Crowne, more like Larry
Jean Dujardin: Thank you.
Anne Rieman: We have terrific
news, Jean.
Nick Corirossi: You booked all of
the parts.
[everyone laughing and high-fiving]
Anne Rieman: Congratulations!
Nick Corirossi: We should really get
going, because you are
Nick Corirossi: about to star in fifty
films this year.
Jean Dujardin: Fifty?
Nick Corirossi: Tough, it's gonna
be tough.
Nick Corirossi: We, we have no time.
Jean Dujardin: Mmm.
Nick Corirossi: This celebration
must end. Yeah.
[music playing]