A not so modern mans struggle with an unfamiliar world.

Full Credits

Starring Spenser Dewees as The Chap
The Actors - Logan Martin, Elisabeth Lund, Nicoleta Radu, Kaylee Neal, Aletha Stainbrook & Edwin Urbina
Directed by Dean Pizzoferrato
Written by Eugene Dela Cruz and Kevin O'Connor
Producer - Michael Davis
Associate Producer - Dagny Cannon & Jenny Lee
Director of Photography - Eugene Dela Cruz
Camera - Eugene Dela Cruz
Sound Supervisor - Colton Rybus
Sound Design - Colton Rybus & Grover Braxton
Original Music - Norell Garcia
Motion Graphics - Zach Wolf
Prop Master - Curtis Perry
Make-up Artist - Sarah Diaz
Editors - Dean Pizzoferrato & Eugene Dela Cruz
Asst. Editors - Bobby Soto & Edwin Colon Jr.
Script Supervisor - Edwin Colon Jr.
Clap Master - Bobby Soto
Behind the Scenes - Zach Wolf & Corey Surratt
Grips - Corey Surratt
Book Cover - Zach Wolf & Corey Surratt
Special Thanks - Mastroni's Cafe

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September 10, 2012