Ever wondered where all the pick up lines come from? These guys. And they're trying to start fresh.

Full Credits

Written by Zack Bornstein (http://BornsteinZack.com, http://twitter.com/zackbornstein) & Sam Helman, Directed & Edited by Zack Bornstein, Produced by Adam Wagner (http://twitter.com/shoehornmen, Shot by Ted Schaefer, Sound by Travis Bogosian, Special FX by Sam Eilertsen, AC: Paul Gale (http://twitter.com/impaulgale), PA Michael Tannenbaum & Bailey Donoghue
Starring: Adam Wagner (http://twitter.com/Shoehornmen), Adam Weinrib (http://twitter.com/AdamWeinrib), Luke Kelly-Clyne (http://LukeKellyClyne.com), Sam Klemmer (http://twitter.com/SamKlem), Will Tempfer (http://WillTempfer.com), Zack Bornstein (http:/BornsteinZack.com)
Special thanks to Sean Dermond (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2698263) & the Klemmer family

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