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Full Credits

Starring: Rebecca Black
Written by: Nick Corirossi, Charles Ingram and Scott Gairdner
DP: Brian Lane
Sound: Steve Pallow
Edited by: Nick Corirossi, Charles Ingram
Produced by: Allison Hord
Featuring: Rachel Goldenberg, Dashiell Driscoll, Andrew Grissom
Make up by: Julianne Kaye
Special Thanks: Georgina Marquez Kelly, Debra Baum, Tony Novia


(sung) Its Friday, Friday, Friday.
Fun, fun, fun, fun.
Male: Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca.
Male: Come on get in the car Rebecca.
Come on Rebecca, backseat.
Rebecca: Which one is it going to be RB?
The front seat or the back?
Front is better [AC] and radio proximity.
The upholstery in the backseat
is slightly more intact.
Female: You know the
backseat is the black seat.
Rebecca: Can I seat in both
front and the back seat?
What would J.Lo do?
Front with seat belts and airbags.
Male: Which seat will you take?
[I think] the guy in the front,
maybe if I'm in the back people
will think he's my chauffeur
and I'm a millionaire.
Male: We're leaving without
you Rebecca, pick now.
Rebecca: There's always the
trunk, no stop it Rebecca.
Female: Come on, get in the car.
Rebecca: Front, back, front,
back, front, back, front, back.
No wait!
(car break sound)
That driver is only 13.
This sketch was funny but
one thing isn't a joke.
I'm talking about riding in a
car with a 13 year old driver.
Whether on a road or on a win
list [screen] city escape,
the legal driving age
is 16, 17 in New Jersey.
Follow the rules on the road,
or the only seat you'll be seating
in is the back of a police cruiser.
I'm Rebecca Black and we
so excited about safety.
(race car sound)