Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses. She could learn a thing or two from Leslie Knope.


( music plays )
I just want you all to know
that we are not issuing
- KIM: marriage licenses today, pending...
- REPORTER: What appeal is left?
- KIM: Pending the appeal of the states circuit.
The appeal stay has been denied.
Nick Offerman: That is perfect.
The worse person in the world
working at the worse place in the world.
Amy Poehler: Does she have any weaknesses?
What do you mean no?
Everybody has a weakness.
Not machines.
I honestly believe that she was
programmed by someone from
the future to come back, and
destroy all happiness.
REPORTER: Under who's authority
are you not issuing licenses?
KIM: Under God's authority.
If you don't believe in love,
what's the point in living?
KIM: I've asked you all to leave.
You are interrupting my business.
- She's a grade A bitch.
- There we go.
Every time she laughs, an angel dies.
Her birth was payback
for the sins of man.