Fall in love with Mamba aka "The Pig" the most stunningly gorgeous dog on the planet. Follow along with Mamba on an adventure that will ...
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
written, directed, shot, and edited by: Seth Margolin
starring: Mamba "The Pig" McFood, Andy McFood, Chuck McNary & Seth Margolin
puppeteers: Chuck McNary & Andy McFood
produced by: Seth Margolin & Andy McFood
puppets created and designed by: Chuck McNary doomtolive.blogspot.com
music by: Diablopop & Rex Rey
theme song by: Rex Rey
special thanks: Andrew Schauer, Miles Kittredge, Annalee Lanier, Michael Patrick Gibson & Eric "Teeny" Martinez
© 652 Productions 2011
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Published March 23, 2011
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