Lady President ate too many chocolate covered graham crackers!

Full Credits

Becky Feldman - Lady President
Lesley Tsina - Chief of Staff
Producers - Courtney Davis & Picturebox Productions
Executive Producer - Darren Miller
Writers - Courtney Davis & Becky Feldman
Director - Courtney Davis
DP - David Layton
Camera/Lighting Assist - Madeline Packard
Art Director - Ellie del Campo
Art Assist - Michelle Dokos
Hair/Makeup - Molly Gardner
Sound - Nicholas Rumancik
PA - Kyle Cavazos
PA - Karolyn McKenzie
Editors - David Layton, Madeline Packard, Kevin Smith
GFX - Mike Nicholson, Madeline Packard

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October 03, 2016


[female 1] Lady President,
have you come to a decision?
Are we going to
invade North Korea?
I can't believe I just ate that entire bag
of chocolate covered graham crackers.
I hate myself right now.
Lady President, North Korean nukes
are aimed at the United States.
I am such a disgusting
food monster.
[ theme music ]
Lady President.
Oh my God!
This bag is supposed
to be 12 servings.
I just ate 12 servings of chocolate covered
graham crackers in like 10 minutes.
[sighs] Oh my God!
One serving is 4 crackers?
What's wrong with me?
[stammering] I just ate 48 crackers.
That's almost 50 crackers.
- Lady President, we need a decision.
- This whole time I was eating them
there was a voice going in
the back of my head going,
"Stop eating those crackers,"
but I kept eating them.
- 50 crackers!
- Fine.
We'll just schedule
another workout for you.
Why would you
even say that?
This is the last time I'm going to eat
chocolate covered graham crackers--
Great! I will tell the executive chef
to not buy any more chocolate
covered graham crackers.
We need them!
Lady President,
we are running out of time!
[Lady President loudly sighs]
- [ mobile beeping ]
- Oh.
My apologies
Lady President.
It seems that you were right
to hold off on invading.
North Korea has just deactivated
it's entire nuclear arsenal.
- [ ♪ ♪ ]
- That's exactly what I
was anticipating.
I deserve a chocolate
covered graham cracker.