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Full Credits

PAUL / ARTIE: Paul Shaffer
MANAGER: Mike Hanford
YOUNG CONSUMER: Victoria Shaffer
SOUND MAN: Mike Robertson
DIRECTOR: Ryan Perez
PRODUCER: Sean Boyle
PRODUCER: Andrew Grissom
DP: Nate Cornett
1st AC: Allan De Leon
GAFFER: Tristan Noelle
GRIP: Stevie Snow
SOUND MIXER: Mike Robertson
COSTUME DESIGNER: Jordy Scheinberg
MAKEUP: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
MAKEUP ASST: Jenn Osborne
PA: David McLaughlin


(upbeat jazz music)
- You know I'm putting out this record,
Paul Shaffer and the World's Most Dangerous Band.
It's been so long since I had a record out,
I forgot that making it is like nothing.
It's all the stuff you gotta do later,
the promotion, the interviews, the touring.
This part is a full-time job.
- This is a full-time job.
- And we're here.
- This is it?
- No kidding.
- Hey Paul, it's Arty Fufkin, Sire Records, good to see you.
- Hi, yeah.
- Man, you look terrific, how are ya?
You know I go back with you, I know everything you ever did.
I know all your stuff, everything you ever did, I know it!
- I guess, you know, I'll see you inside?
- This is gonna be a tremendous day.
Hi, Artie Fufkin.
Artie Fufkin, Sire Records.
Well, (chuckling), what do we have here?
Hi, I'm Artie Fufkin, Sire Records.
(clears throat)
- You have screwed me,
you really screwed me.
- Business is terrible, Artie.
I don't know what to tell ya.
I mean it's all digital downloads and iTunes--
- Tell 'em to bring an iTune down here, he'll sign an iTune.
- You can't sign an iTune,
it doesn't really work that way.
- What do you mean it doesn't work like that?
I thought we had a relationship.
- We had a relation-, this isn't a personal thing, Artie.
This is not a personal thing.
- No, I'm not talkin' 'bout,
I'm not talkin' personal, I'm talkin' about a relationship.
You and me, we had a relationship.
- Oh, my God!
I can't believe you're actually here.
Can you please sign this?
- Well of course, dear, what's your name?
- Debbie.
- Okay, Debbie.
- [Debbie] Are you gonna open another vegan restaurant?
- [Paul] Yeah, of course, great.
- Yeah, it's happening, yeah.
- It's great.
- People are coming in.
- She comes in, then there's another person.
- Oh, look at her.
- It's a good record,
you've heard?
- Well I haven't heard it yet, but I'm gonna hear it,
because I love a record like this.
Exactly up my alley, I'm gonna put this on.
- Here you are. (sighs)
Whose record's this?
- Oh, my God!
I can't believe I actually met Moby!
Can I get a selfie with you?
- Yeah.
Okay, here we go.
- So cute!
- I don't know, okay.
- Oh, my God.
- That's good.
- We got him signin' Moby right there.
- Oh, she's happy, she's happy to meet,
she thinks he's Moby--
- Happy to meet Moby.
- [Rep] Why would you take that away from her?
What's the difference, it doesn't matter anyway.
It doesn't matter who it is.
- Can you get me to meet Moby?
I'd like to meet Moby.
- If I could get you to meet Moby,
I would meet him myself.
- Yeah, I'll tell you--
- I love that tough--
- Who we're not meeting
today, Paul Shaffer, because
there's nothing for him to sign.
- Files and files--
- He can't sign--
- You gotta download files now.
- He can't sign--
- Music is files,
you don't buy--
- Well I love files,
I keep files--
- Tapes or cassettes--
- People should be downloading,
they should bring the computer down to the store
and into the store and have it in store,
and he'll sign the compu-, let Paul Shaffer sign a computer.
Lemme ask you a question.
What the hell is streaming?
You know, I feel like a schlub here.
I fucked this up.
It's all my fault, you know what I'm saying?
It's all my fault.
- Well, was there
any radio support for this at all?
- We did massive radio, we saturated.
We over-saturated.
It's me, it's all my fault.
I fucked it up, I fucked you up.
You know what I want you to do for me now?
- Hmm.
- Okay.
Kick my ass, okay?
Kick an ass for a man, come on.
Kick my ass, come on.
I'm not asking, I'm telling with this.
Kick my ass.
Kick it!
Kick an ass for a man, come on.
You know what I'm talkin' about, come on.
Take it out on me, enjoy it.
Because I, because I fucked up!
(upbeat music)