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Published May 28, 2014 9 views More Info ยป
I had a glimpse into the past.

Alright, so the X-Men Days of
Future Past trailer actually looks really good actually. Hugh Jackman is up to his old tricks and the whole gang is back.

Yes I'm sure Bryan Singer really rode those boys hard. You know, to make sure they were ready to ffffffight.

Welcome to "Preview Review!" Does a
good preview make a good movie?

Hell no.

So each week we break down what
Hollywood serves up to us.

This week it's Bryan Singer's X-Men, Days of Future Past, which has our mutant heroes and villains going back in time, to warn their young selves about the mistakes they make in the future.

Like accepting that drink from Bryan Singe

Patrick Stewart's voice: "What's the last thing you remember?"]

Bryan Singer telling me to sleep.

WOLVERINE: "So I wake up in my younger body"]

Or in Bryan Singer's case, in
someone else's younger body.

Okay we get it. Enough about the
director. This newest film in the franchise is packed full of all the characters you have come to know and love over the years, like Rogue, Big Furry Cat, Richard Nixon?

Wait a minute. Those aren't X-Men.

No but they ARE people Bryan Singe
made dress up in weird costumes.

As usual with Bryan Singer films,
it's not a typical action movie. Singer likes to pound home themes like alienation, and how deeply our choices affect who we become.

You know what else Bryan Singe
likes pounding home?

God dammit! Could you just- Okay Bryan Singer he does, he likes it, he likes to pound young boys in the ass.

Bottom line, see it, or skip it? I say see it. Singer has delivered before, and the movie looks like the perfect mix of action and pathos, with stunning visuals.

But what do you think? Let us know
in the comments! And check back in when we do our Preview Review REVIEW, where we see how our predictions stacked up. For now, stay safe, and don't take any candy from Bryan Singer.

Welcome aboard!

We don't know if he really did it, we're just having fun.

We like to think so.

Yeah. It's better for us.

Hi, we're the Mutiny

From Preview Review.

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I'm Blake.

Shut up, Blake.

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