Will Ferrell introduces the upcoming slate of videos coming soon from Funny Or Die.


Will Ferrell: And cut.
Will Ferrell: Print.
Will Ferrell: Lets take 5 everyone.
Let's all in 5.
Will Ferrell: Hi, I'm Will Ferrell.
We here at Funny or Die are
Will Ferrell: always looking for new ways
to entertain you, our loyal viewers.
Will Ferrell: You might've noticed some
changes around here,
Will Ferrell: and we're very
excited about them.
Will Ferrell: We're also are very excited
about all the new videos
Will Ferrell: we have coming this year.
They don't call me the
Will Ferrell: Viral Hit Machine for nothing.
Will Ferrell: First up, we've got
Milla Jovivich in another
Will Ferrell: movie based on
a video game.
[gun cockin]
Milla Jovivich: It's too many of them.
Milla Jovivich: Hey, block head.
Block this.
[gun shot]
[video game music]
Milla Jovivich: Next.
Will Ferrell: Hey, can we get serious
for a minute?
Will Ferrell: Check out Funny or Die's
first foray into drama.
Bryce Dallas Howard: War, has done torn our
land asunder, but Fart Mountain
Bryce Dallas Howard: is our mountain.
Look after Fart Mountain
while I'm gone.
Bryce Dallas Howard: I ain't going to let nothing
happen to Fart Mountain.
Maybe it's time we change
the name of Fart Mountain
to something else.
Bryce Dallas Howard: Never!
Bryce Dallas Howard: Ya'll stay off
of Fart Mountain!
[gun shot]
Will Ferrell: Gotcha! That wasn't actually
a serious drama.
Will Ferrell: It was a stupid thing where
they talked about farts.
Will Ferrell: Hey gang, we've got this
Benjamin Button parody
Will Ferrell: you've been waiting
for since 2008.
David Spade: David (voiceover): This whole
time everyone else has been
David Spade: getting older.
Julianne Hough: Benjamin. Oh my God.
David Spade: David (voiceover): While my
hands have been turning
David Spade: into butts.
Will Ferrell: I recently won the Mark Twain
award for American humor.
Will Ferrell: That's why this next one is
near and dear to my heart.
Swell place you have
here Mark Twain.
Val Kilmer: Sure is Timothy.
It sure is.
This is some tasty
tobaccy too.
Val Kilmer: Actually Timothy,
that's crack cocaine.
Will Ferrell: They might make a few after
I film this, so here's
Will Ferrell: (Voice Offscreen) Jerkquake
staring Christopher Meloni
Will Ferrell: and Clint Howard.
It is time.
Clint Howard: The scientific term is jerkquake.
Will Ferrell: Good stuff.
Will Ferrell: We've also got the one
video a year that I'm in.
Will Ferrell: Yes. This one.
Will Ferrell: You're watching it.
Will Ferrell: And the hits keep on coming.
Brett Gelman: Baah, what is this?
[fart sound]
Male Voice: Oh, no, no, no...
[fart sound]
Tony Hale: Tony Hale: 14, 25, 36, 18.
Tony Hale: Hey sweetie. Hey, what was
that number I was
Tony Hale: telling you about?
Will Ferrell: And this December, we'll
have something heart
Will Ferrell: warming for the holidays.
[furniture rattling]
Will Ferrell: Well, there you have it.
Looks like another
Will Ferrell: profitable and great year
here at Funny or Die.
Will Ferrell: I know I'll
be watching.
Will Ferrell: Alright, back to work. Lets
wet down that nor wall.
Will Ferrell: I need a good
wet down.
Will Ferrell: I don't care. I don't care
if he wants a buck
Will Ferrell: for the day.
Let's go.
Will Ferrell: Find me a
nor wall then.
[Funny or Die ending jingle]