The podcast sensation of the year finally reaches its climax.

Full Credits

Michaela Watkins
Lauren Palmigiano
Kevin Berntson
Travis Helwig
Nicol Paone
Sean Dacanay
Travis Helwig – Writer
Alex Richanbach – Writer/Director
Jason Carden – Producer
DP – Matthew Sweeney
Grip - Carlos Chavez
Gaffer - Ian Thomas
Hair and Make-up - Brenna Haukedahl
Sound - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Editor – Chris Poole

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December 16, 2014


Sean Dacanay: Sarah, final episode. Can't wait
to hear how it ends.
Michaela Watkins: It's very exciting.
Oh my god.
Lauren Palmigiano: Good morning Sarah.
Michaela Watkins: Good morning, hi.
Lauren Palmigiano: Big finale episode today.
Who did it?
Lauren Palmigiano: (laughing) Just kidding. Can't wait to find out who did it.
Michaela Watkins: Me too. Can't wait, to find out
who I'm going to say did it.
Lauren Palmigiano: Nobody knows who did it but you.
Michaela Watkins: Mm-hmm.
Lauren Palmigiano: And the person who did it, but
today everyone else finds out.
Michaela Watkins: Sorry, I just um...
I need to just check on something.
Michaela Watkins: Um, excuse me.
Lauren Palmigiano: Sarah!
Michaela Watkins: Fuck, fuck, fuck...
Male voice: I just-
Male Voice: You know what I'm saying? I just didn't do it.
Male Voice: You know what I mean? Like I'm way to well spoken--
Michaela Watkins: Right.
Male Voice: --To be like a murderer. Know what I'm sayin'?
Michaela Watkins: I mean I guess what I'm trying
to say is Adnon, I just,
Michaela Watkins: I just don't really know anything.
I don't know anything. Hello?
Michaela Watkins: Adnon? Adnon are you there?
Michaela Watkins: (sigh) This happens a lot.
Sometimes I feel like...
(phone rings)
Michaela Watkins: Hello.
Female Operator: This is a global Tel Link pre-paid call from--
Male voice: Adnan Syed
Female Operator: --Being made at Maryland correctional facility.
Male voice: So, like who killed her, right?
(phone beeps off)
(phone beeps)

> Jay!
(door closes)
Lauren Palmigiano: Okay, you good to go?
Michaela Watkins: Mm-hmm
Lauren Palmigiano: Okay, lets do it.
Michaela Watkins: Lets just do this.
Michaela Watkins: Okay.
(she exhales)
Michaela Watkins: On this weeks serial--
Lauren Palmigiano: Sorry Sarah, sorry,
Lauren Palmigiano: The executives from MailChimp are here.
They just wanted to say hi.
Nicol Paone: Uh, we are very excited about this. I gotta be honest,
Nicol Paone: this childhood murder has been really great for MailCrimp.
Michaela Watkins: Uh, do you mean MailChimp?
Nicol Paone: Yeah, that's what I said.
Nicol Paone: I actually, I use MailChimp?
Michaela Watkins: Oh you do?
Nicol: yeah.
Travis Helwig: We can't wait to hear who did it.
Nicol Paone: So cool.
Michaela Watkins: Without truth, there can be
no justice, and I guess,
Michaela Watkins: I guess what this podcast is
really is just an exploration
Michaela Watkins: of that truth. Maybe we'll never
know who killed Hayma Lee.
Michaela Watkins: (laughs) J-K.
J-K. I know, I guess I know
Michaela Watkins: exactly who did it.
Michaela Watkins: Um, it's very clear
Michaela Watkins: from the call records, and the pings, and
all of the things that are sort of
Michaela Watkins: mapped out on the cell towers.
Take Jay, Jay's a guy,
Michaela Watkins: who just stabs someone...
Michaela Watkins: Don't know if you have...
(interposing voices over transitions)
Michaela Watkins: Why pee so close to the road?
He can't say one bad thing...
Michaela Watkins: So no one thinks it was best buy?
don't kid yourself.
Michaela Watkins: What if it was 40 episodes?
What if it was 90?
Michaela Watkins: You are stepping out on Stephanie. Is that correct?
Michaela Watkins: What do you want? I do a podcast.
It was supposed to be for 4 people.
Michaela Watkins: Do you think if I thought this
was going to be anything
Michaela Watkins: I would have MailChimp sponsor us?
What do you want to know?
Michaela Watkins: Do you want to know who did it?
Fine, fine, I have a confession for you
Michaela Watkins: It was me. It was Sarah Koenig,
Okay, I did it.
Michaela Watkins: I guess I did it for that sweet,
sweet Mailchimp money, okay.
Michaela Watkins: I'm out of here, and by the way Crab
Crib is having a big sale
Michaela Watkins: on shrimp. So get your ass down there.
(door slams)
Female operator: This is a global Tell Link pre-paid call from...
Female voice: Sarah Koenig.
Female operator: An inmate at Maryland correctional facility.
Male voice: Hey Sarah, it's Adnan.
So like how's jail?
Sarah: You know it's actually not the
worse. I'm kind of a cook now.
Sarah: Do you know what I mean?
Adnan: Yeah.
Sarah: Because I've just feel like--
Adnan: No.
Sarah: I'm sorry, go ahead.
Adnan: No, go ahead.
Sarah: I'm sorry.
Adnan: No, I understand.
Sarah: You were saying, go ahead.
Sarah: I'm so sorry, go ahead.
Adnan: No, go ahead.