What every woman has wanted to say (often).

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Featuring (+Twitter):
Maggie Gottlieb (@MaggieGottlieb)
Laura Marsh (@LauraHarshMarsh)
Lauren Summers (@laursummers)
Written By:
Ryan Krebs (@Hoigaard2) and Caitlin Kunkel (@CK_characters)
Directed By:
Ryan Krebs
Director of Photography:
Sam Begich (@TravelingSamSam)
Additional Camera:
Quinn Wharton (@quinnwharton)
Edited By:
Sam Begich
Audio Recording By:
Spenser Morris at Mystery Street Recording Company
Also Featuring:
Ray Fischer, Mike Johnson, Eric Akeson, Chris Hauser, and Dan Zwygart
Thanks To:
Aaron Sjoholm, Donny's Skybox, Ace Bar, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and Mark Batson

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