He's not a mean guy, he's just bad at his job.

Full Credits

Starring Dylan Rohde as Technically Bad Cop
Andy Harris as the Good Cop
and Danny Hamm as the Suspect
Executive Producer/Director: Matthew Friedman
Writer/Editor: Dylan Rohde


Obviously, we're not going to get anywhere. So I'm going to head out and send my new partner in. He's what we call, bad cop.

I know the routine, you're the good cop, bad cop's supposed to come in here and rough me up.

It's nothing like that. He's actually technically a terrible police officer, just really horrible at his job. Tell you the truth I don't even know why he's still employed here. But, I'm gonna bring him in anyway.

What is it? You can't have that in there, stop it.

Come on man, I just got another parking ticket.

I don't care. What is this? It's ridiculous what you're wearing.

It's casual Friday.

No, it's Tuesday. My God!

We know you murdered that girl!

What are you talking about? Murder? I didn't kill anybody. They arrested me for money laundering.

Money laundering? Seriously?

Yes. Money laundering.

I have no idea what that even means.

Look, did you do it?

No, I didn't do it.

Works for me.

Look, Im gonna be honest with you. We have absolutely no evidence on you at all.

So, can I just leave?

Well, we got a big bust planned for next week. One of our undercover cops is working with your crew. You know him as Tony Sheffield.



With my crew?


Can I borrow this?



You wouldn't happen to know where this is going to happen?

Yeah, under the old bridge, next Saturday night, 10:30pm, pulling up in a black Lexus. Can't reveal too much, though. It's top secret.

Is that in McAllister Square?

It's right across the street.

Would you like to know who the culprit is?

More than anything in the world.

Good cop, get in here!

Alright, Bad Cop. I assume you got a confession outta this dirt bag and now-

Not so fast!

Hey! Hey!

You make me sick!

What have you done?

Good job, Bad Cop.

I have no idea how to put these on.