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March 04, 2010


When you first spoke to me
Back on Call of Duty 3
You Topped the leaderboard of everything that I adored
Your skills surpassed the rest
Accepted my friend request
Now every day I talk to you while playing Modern Warfare 2
(You might live on the other side of the world to me)
But when you spoke to me,
Always felt so close to me
(Thousands of miles accross the land and sea)
It didn't seem so fa
Staring at your avata

Girl won't you join my Xbox Live Party?
Just you and me and noone else will do
Stay together forever in our Xbox Live Party
Feel so alive when i'm in party chat with you

(I could spend my life just loving you....)

Our story's like a Fable II
I can see your Halo through the night
When you are in my head
Cos without you i'm Left 4 Dead
Gears of Your heart move with mine
I Burnout when you're not online
Dead or Alive, I'll stay true
and won't Fallout of love with you

(I'd do anything to make you mine)
Wish we could talk all night
I'd kiss you through my headset mic
('cos girl you are my Phantasy Star Online)
You make my heart explode
Let's live our lives in co-op mode

Girl, won't you join my Xbox Live Party?
'Cos you and I should never be apart
Stay together forever in our Xbox Live Party
You've unlocked an achievement - my heart.