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Directed and Edited by Matt Mayer
Produced by Rob Hatch-Miller and Langan Kingsley
DP - Paul Yee
Art - Simone Duff
Cam Op/AC - Yousuke Kiname
Gaffer - Seth Dean
Grip - Jeremy Smith
HMU - Stella Sensel
PA - Shelby Slauer, Josh Brown
Host - Langan Kingsley
Producer - Michael Kayne
Mom - Alison Broadbent
Dad - Anthony Devito
Cousin Alicia - Lauren Conlin Adams
Cousins - Shelby Slauer, Josh Brown

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November 25, 2016


- ♪
- In the weeks after
the election
one thing has
become clear:
White working class voters
are responsible for electing
President Trump.
As a liberal reporter
living in a big city
I couldn't understand
why people would vote for a
racist, sexist, demagogue.
So today, I'm getting
outside my comfort zone
and sitting down in this
room with a Trump voter to try
and figure out why
they voted for him.

[female voice in a distance]
Look who's here.
[Kate] Okay now.
That's my mom.
That's my mom in there.
So if you could just...
That's my mom in there.
That's my mom.
- You booked my mom for this segment.
- Your mom voted for Trump.
Well, I was thinking we could
get someone from West Virginia.
I was thinking like a
coal miner or steel worker
or someone who fracks.
Your mom voted for
Trump, so that's--
OK, well we don't relate--
My mom and I don't talk about politics.
OK, but you said you
wanted to get the Trump voter--
Fine! Fine! OK! Fine!
Fine! Fine! Fine!

- So you voted for
Donald Trump?
- Yeah.
Well, taxes.
[deep sigh]
[Kate] We need to
find someone else.
We need someone--
someone who wears
coveralls for real.
Someone who smokes
cigarettes inside.
- Someone who's not my mom.
- We have a back-up.
If you want,
there's a back-up
in there.
OK, great.

OK, so... [clears throat]
Let's talk politics.
- You voted for Donald Trump.
- Yes.
- Those emails--
- Great. OK.
But the racist stuff and
the sexist stuff.
Who does that
really effect, you know...
When you
think about it.
[softly] OK. Yeah.
You know,
I can't do this.
- No. I'm not. I can't.
- [door slams]
[Kate] I want someone
who watches Jeff Dunham.
Someone who
watches Pawn Stars.
Someone who watches
The Big Bang Theory.
The Big Bang Theory is a
tremendous television program.
Oh my God.
Get me someone else!
Alright. We have someone
from Pennsylvania, if you--
Good. Yes. Perfect.
Thank you. Thank you.
Why do you
keep filming?
- Oh hi! You look great.
- Thank you.
Hi. Of course,
it's my cousin Alicia.
She's a lawyer in Philadelphia
which is technically Pennsylvania.
- So, Alicia, you voted
for Trump.
- Yes.
OK, let me guess.
Oh yeah, but also
black-on-black crime.
OK, you know what?
Alright-- You pass over
the opportunity
to vote for the
first female President.
I am here trying to
make a bold and import--
Oh! Yep.
OK, let's get everyone in.
Yeah, mom, dad,
oh great, you have cousin
Shelby, cousin Josh.
Great to see you.
Good hat, Josh.
Great, you've got everyone.
You really got everyone, didn't ya?
OK, look, I wanted to make a
point about how Trump voters
are different than me,
but realizing you're
the same as me
and also voted for Trump makes
me feel like we're never
going to agree on anything here,
because I don't know you guys!
You are all spineless!
You're like Ted Cruz.
- Oh, [Bleep] that guy!
- Oh no!
Don't even get me started
on that traitor.
Yeah, he sucks, right?
I would like to [bleep]
that guy right the [bleep] up.
[laughing together]
Wow, I guess there is something
we all find funny.
Oh God, you guys
would definitely vote for him
if he ran on the Republican
ticket wouldn't you?
- Yeah.
- I would, yeah.
- ...You have to.
- Not a question.
- [Kate] OK.
- [dad] Party loyalty.