Making sure you get your taxes done today will keep the government off your back but it almost always feels like a race you'll never win.
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Additional Credits:
Written/Directed: Danny Jelinek, Jason Whetzell, Danny & Jason
Accountant: Ryan Perez
Girl: Lauren Benson
Runners: Paul Walling, Michael Schetzel, George Loomis, Terrence Terrell, Ross Rybarczyk, Ricky Marshall
DP: Mike Manasewitsch
Gaffer/Sound: Zach Zdziebko
Visual Effects: Dustin Bowser & Charles Ingram
Editor: Danny Jelinek
Featuring Music by: Ponytail, Cass Elliot
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
Special Thanks: Leonard Weissbach, Nick Plotquin
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Published: April 17, 2011