We made this sketch over thirty years ago...

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April 28, 2016


I really like this house honey.
Look at all this attic space.
[mysterious music]
Greg Mills: Who's that?
I don't know, but
she looks kind of familiar.
Hey there little one.
What you doing in here?
This is my home.
[music climaxes]
What do you think?
Oh... Well, we love it, but
do you know who this little girl is?
-[mysterious music]
-That's weird.
A little girl was just here,
-she was wearing a...
-Black dress with flowers?
Greg Mills: Yeah. How did you know that?
You see, that little girl died
in this house over 30 years ago.
But don't worry about that.
Let's go check out the back yard.
Ah, feel that fresh air.
Can't find that in the city.
This is where you're going to
want to raise a family.
[Male #1]: Oh there you are.
Sorry I lost you.
You guys want to
see the kitchen?
Uh, who are you?
I'm your realtor.
No you're not. He's our...
-[mysterious music]
Damn. I was afraid
this would happen.
You see, that realtor committed
suicide in this house over thi--
-30 years ago?
-Oh, what the hell?
-Is everyone dead here?
No-no-no, just him.
Well, and that little girl.
Real tragedy.
Let's go check out the kitchen.
And these wood floors
are very easy to clean.
You can get any
stain out of them:
juice, dirt, blood--
Not again sweetie.
You're not a realtor anymore.
Who are you?
I'm sorry, but this couple
is very interested in buying...
-[mysterious music]
- I was afraid of this was happening again.
Don't you remember?
You quit your job at
the realty office when your
best friend and coworker
committed suicide right after
he killed that little girl and her parents
in this house over 30 years ago.
-And you're my...
Maybe it's time we
do go back to therapy.
Who needs to go
back to therapy?
I thought you were on the phone.
No, I was just
talking to my hus--.
-[mysterious music]
Who are you?
Sweetie, I'm your wife.
That's ridiculous.
I love men.
You used to love men.
You met me in a bar the
same day your real estate
agent's husband
quit his job after his best friend
and coworker committed suicide,
but not before murdering
that little girl and her family in
this house 30 years ago.
-So I'm straight?
-And married?
Look at all of this.
We're in love.
Damn. [groans]
Gotta stop doing this Trish.
You don't have a husband,
and you are never going to marry
your gay best friend.
Unless... unless this is
a dream, and it's 1986 and
you did marry
your gay best friend.
No, you're just a
sad, sad lady. [weeps]
♪ ♪