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check out this from in the police talking scene. from sherlock holmes. has this... more »
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Published July 22, 2012
check out this trans scripts :

sherlock holmes :

hey. police. i can't this find in the people.
has this solution has finding has little boy
is missing?.

police office :

hey sherlock holmes. that this where do you
has jake and mommy has little boy has missing
has this your in the has this mysterious is.

sherlock holmes :

that this where see in the little boy?.

police office :

i don't know. that this little boy nothing.
has this is missing. do not tell me has sherlock
holmes this friends sherlock holmes has back.

sherlock holmes :

okay. thanks you police office.
has finding that this were you me
knowed that this be that back?

police office :

yes sherlock holmes. you find
that this where do you about this
daddy sherlock holmes check out.
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