A song parody about politicians who love to curse. (And who doesn't?)

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April 05, 2010


A Parody of "Cheek to Cheek"
New lyrics by Steve Bryant

Ef-fen, he said ef-fen,
And he said it with conviction and aplomb.
With the same mouth that he used to kiss his mom,
When he’s out in public, dropping the f-bomb.

Ef-fen, he said ef-fen,
Though he doesn’t say it half as much as Rahm.
And Obama wishes that they’d both b calm.
And not out in public, dropping the f-bomb.

Well he’ll say it the bathroom,
While he’s putting on lip balm.
You can hear him every day and night,
Just dropping the f- bomb.

He’ll say it in the chapel,
While he’s reading through a psalm,
He loves his church, but not as much,
As dropping the f-bomb.

Curse with him, his language always is free,
No fines they’ll decree, from the FCC.

For…Ef-fen, he said ef-fen,
Bet he says it when he chaperones a prom.
Or when meeting heads of state from Vietnam.
He’s still out in public, dropping…out in pubic, dropping..
Out in public dropping the f-bomb.