Billy Eichner and Rachel Dratch enjoy a nice, safe Halloween adventure through New York.

Full Credits

Starring: Billy Eichner & Rachel Dratch
Written by Billy Eichner
Directed by Stoney Sharp
Featuring: Greg Hildrith, Daiva Deupree, Sam Forman, Eli Bolin, Cole Escola, Matt Weir, Julie Klausner, Diane Hopkins, Erin Markey, Susan Blackwell, Violet Krumbein, Ben Rimalower, Branson Reese, Molly Pope, Peter McNerney & Patch Darragh
DP: Doug Camberis
AC: Aaron Snell
Sound: Kevin Kniowski
Editor: Bill Parker
Asst Editor: Bill Kemmler
H/MU: Yasmina Smith
Production Manager: Sushil Dayal
Production Coordinator: Michael Hyman
Supervising Producer: Colleen Bulger
Associate Producer: Rachel Greco, Elizabeth Lanteri & Dickie Dibella
Executive Producer: Billy Eichner, Anna Wenger, Dane C. Reiley
PAs: Kevin Huang & Carlos Gomez
Special thanks Time Scare NYC


Billy Eichner: Alright, this is it.
Rachel Dratch: Alright. Haunted house,
here we come.
Billy Eichner: I know. I'm excited.
Here we go.
Billy Eichner: Billy: Haunted house.
[growling and snarling]
Billy Eichner: 2 please.
Are you sure you
can handle it?
Billy Eichner: Uh, yeah. I think
we'll be fine.
But I'm warning you.
It's very intense.
Billy Eichner: Um, okay.
Billy Eichner: It'll be fine.
Rachel Dratch: I'm a little scared.
Billy Eichner: Let's do it.
Just through that
door over there.
Good luck.
Billy Eichner: Okay.
♪ [music] ♪
Billy Eichner: Wow, it's really dark.
Rachel Dratch: Ooh, I don't think
I can do this.
Billy Eichner: Oh here, just
take my hand.
Rachel Dratch: Oh my God.
I'm nervous.
Billy Eichner: I guess we turn here--
I think Katy Perry is the
smartest woman in the business.
Billy Eichner: Oh my God.
Are you okay?
Rachel Dratch: Oh my God.
I guess so.
Queen Latifah is the
new queen of daytime.
[they both scream]
Billy Eichner: This is too much.
Rachel Dratch: I can't do this.
How do I get out?
Billy Eichner: I don't know. I can
hardly see anything.
Billy Eichner: Maybe if we turn
around and go--
Comedies don't get much
better than Last Vegas.
You have to give the makers
of Last Vegas a lot of credit.
Rachel Dratch: Oh my God.
This is a nightmare.
Billy Eichner: Please let us
out of here.
Rachel Dratch: Let me out.
I can't do this anymore.
Billy Eichner: Maybe we can
go here.
Katie Couric is preparing
to leave her talk show.
Rachel Dratch: Oh God. I find
her charming.
Billy Eichner: Maybe it wasn't
a natural fit.
Rachel Dratch: Oh, I'm going to
shit my pants.
Billy Eichner: Oh God.
Steve Carell has never
won an Emmy.
[they both scream]
Rachel Dratch: I can't see anything.
Billy Eichner: Maybe in here.
Robin Williams should be able
to riff as much as he wants
on The Crazy Ones.
Billy Eichner: Noo!
Rachel Dratch: Why are they doing
this to us?
Billy Eichner: Leave us alone.
We're just people!
Rachel Dratch: That's some of the
scariest shit I've ever heard.
Bravo's branching out
of the scripted shows.
Billy Eichner: God, I can't
take this.
Rachel Dratch: I'm going to throw up.
I'm not well.
[Distant Male Voice]:
Billy! Rachel!
You get out of here.
Rachel Dratch: Is that the ticket guy?
Billy Eichner: Where is he?
Billy Eichner: Where is he?
[inaudible voices]
What will be Shonda Rhimes
next company?
She can do anything.
I want to go to ShondaLand.
What will she think of next?
Shonda Rhimes.
Shonda Rhimes.
[multiple chanting voices]
Billy Eichner: Let's get
out of here.
I haven't seen
Gravity yet.
I hear it's great.
Fox is making a new TV
show with Greg Kinnear.
Billy Eichner: Now they're just
fucking with our minds.
Jimmy Kimmel is the new
king of late night.
Where do we go?
[inaudible] jumped on the
Kerry Washington bandwagon.
Rachel Dratch: Why is this happening
to us?
I think I'm a little
Liam Neeson'd out.
Billy Eichner: Oh, I'm going to
die here.
Devious Maids.
Now there's a show.
Rachel Dratch: Please God, help us.
I never saw the Silver Linings
Playbook I don't think.
Rachel Dratch: Please. Somebody
help us.
Billy Eichner: There's no
way out.
[Distant Voices]:
There's no way I'm sitting
through 12 Years
a Slave.
I think it's humor...
I'm not really into Spike Jones.
Grey's Anatomy is still on the air.