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Billy Eichner and Rachel Dratch enjoy a nice, safe Halloween adventure through New York.
Published October 24, 2013 110k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Billy Eichner & Rachel Dratch
Written by Billy Eichner
Directed by Stoney Sharp
Featuring: Greg Hildrith, Daiva Deupree, Sam Forman, Eli Bolin, Cole Escola, Matt Weir, Julie Klausner, Diane Hopkins, Erin Markey, Susan Blackwell, Violet Krumbein, Ben Rimalower, Branson Reese, Molly Pope, Peter McNerney & Patch Darragh
DP: Doug Camberis
AC: Aaron Snell
Sound: Kevin Kniowski
Editor: Bill Parker
Asst Editor: Bill Kemmler
H/MU: Yasmina Smith
Production Manager: Sushil Dayal
Production Coordinator: Michael Hyman
Supervising Producer: Colleen Bulger
Associate Producer: Rachel Greco, Elizabeth Lanteri & Dickie Dibella
Executive Producer: Billy Eichner, Anna Wenger, Dane C. Reiley
PAs: Kevin Huang & Carlos Gomez
Special thanks Time Scare NYC