Breckin Meyer speaks his mind.

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June 24, 2009


The video opens with Breckin Meyer standing in front of a white wall
that has been scribbled on with black marker. Some of the marke
drawing is reminiscent of a belt and buckle with shorts beneath it.
Breckin Meyer is wearing a plain white t-shirt and his hair is tussled.
Some of Breckin Meyer’s hair is sticking up in back. It is reminiscent
of the Alfalfa’s cowlick on the Little Rascals. Breckin Meyer is
clearly incensed by something that has occurred.

Breckin Meyer
: Hey everyone. It’s Breckin. I am making this video as
Luigi Lopez Hayek Banderas Conchito Alanzo, my legal name. What
happened to me at the Robot Chicken Skate Party, happened to me as a
human being and should never, ever happen. (Breckin Meyer begins to
yell) Never. Ever. Never. I skated up to Zac Efron and asked if it was
okay if I couples skated with his girlfriend. Zac said yes. His
girlfriend said yes, for one song. And then, when the Titanic song came
on the speakers, they couple skated. Solo skating during couples
skating should never happen. It is not the answer. You owe me an
apology Zac Efron. (Breckin Meyer yells again) Can you do that?

Breckin Meyer stares at the camera and says nothing. The silence goes
on for a prolonged period of time. Zac Efron slides into view next to
Breckin Meyer. He is wearing a blue t-shirt and winter hat pulled down
around his ears. He gives the camera a very sincere look. He then
begins to nodding at the camera.

Zac Efron
: I’m sorry Breckin.

Breckin Meyer looks up at Zac Efron in shock and surprise. Zac Efron
continues to look at the camera sincerely for a moment, then turns his
head away and leaves the view of the camera. Breckin Meyer stares afte
the now out of sight Zac Efron. Breckin Meyer then looks back into the
camera. He has a large, goofy smile and he begins nodding vigorously.

Breckin Meyer: Okay.