Episode 16: Zach Galifianakis sits down with James Franco to have a normal, everyday, run of the mill interview.

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Starring - Zach Galafanikis, The Lonely Island, James Franco & Edward Norton
Directed by - Scott Aukerman & The Lonely Island
Executive Producers - Scott Aukerman, BJ Porter & Mike Farah
Producers - Betsy Koch & Sean Boyle
Associate Producer - Doug Brady
Cinematographer / Editor - Brian Lane
Camera Operator - Antonio Scarlata
Sound - Kevin Kniowski
Hair/MU - Joelle Troisi & Michelle Kearns
PA - Michael Hyman & Tiffany Nicole Clark


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zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": My name is Zach Galifianakis. Welcome to another edition of Between Two Ferns. My guest today is James Franco
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": from the movie Ounce the Great and Powerful.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": 127 Hours.
james="James" franco="Franco": Yes.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Is that how many hours you look in the mirror per day?
james="James" franco="Franco": Nah.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Where'd you shoot that?
james="James" franco="Franco": Utah.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Mormon state.
james="James" franco="Franco": What religion are you?
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Scientology. I've always wanted to combine science with -tology, so, that's...
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Your face resembles James Dean's.
james="James" franco="Franco": Oh, thanks.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Is it safe to say your sausage resembles Jimmy Dean's?
james="James" franco="Franco": Um, long and smooth?
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Tasty.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Of all the art projects that you've done, what has made people roll their eyes the hardest?
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Would you ever consider hosting the Oscars?
james="James" franco="Franco": I, I did that. Already.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Yeah, I don't consider what you did at the Oscars hosting the Oscars. Would you ever consider hosting it? Properly.
james="James" franco="Franco": Tss...Um...
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": What actors would you like to work with?
james="James" franco="Franco": Tons of actors. Um...
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Well, name one.
james="James" franco="Franco": Ed Norton.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Oh, well, why don't you marry him?
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": A lot of actors do charity work. Do you have charity work you do?
james="James" franco="Franco": I do. I work with a grey group called Art of the Elysium, and we work with kids and hospitals.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Good! Good, good, good, good, good, good. Hospital.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": We have a music guest. Please welcome The Lonely Island.
akiva="Akiva" schaffer="Schaffer": All right spring breakers, you know what time it is! I'm gonna need all the hot girls to come up here on stage right now!
akiva="Akiva" schaffer="Schaffer": Fellas, let me hear you make some noise! Spring break go!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": [Singing] Kings of the bar scene, pounding on brewskies, banging chicks right there in the sand.
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": [Singing] Bros before hoes and chicks with no clothes, and slammin' shots and marry a man.
jorma="Jorma" taccone="Taccone": Who wanna do a shot?
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": We do!
akiva="Akiva" schaffer="Schaffer": I'm gonna get fu**ed up!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Me too!
andy="Andy" samberg="Samberg": We came for a week, we're the kings of the beach. Spray water on the girls.
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": T-shirts see through! Cancun!
jorma="Jorma" taccone="Taccone": Party down!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Lauderdale!
akiva="Akiva" schaffer="Schaffer": Another round!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Havasu!
andy="Andy" samburg="Samburg": Crack a brew!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Marry a man! Pranks when you're passed out, jokes about roofies, making girls kiss, marry a man!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Giant sombreros, show us your ti**ies, creatine shakes, marry a man! Spring break, ya'll! Oh, sh*t!
jorma="Jorma" taccone="Taccone": I'm too f**ked up!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Puking rally!
akiva="Akiva" schaffer="Schaffer": That's what's up! Booze cruise!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Raise your glass!
akiva="Akiva" schaffer="Schaffer": Snort that coke
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Off her a**!
andy="Andy" samburg="Samburg": Two chicks at the dance hall, take it to the damp stalls. Trade these beads for their bra!
jorma="Jorma" taccone="Taccone": So-Co in my canteen, got girls jumping on a trampoline, two men bound by the law!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Trashing hotel rooms, clogging up toilets, beer goggles if she's a hag!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Planning the menu, picking out flowers, nailing sluts, and writing our vows!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Down here it's our time!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Spring breakers, let's get fu**ed up!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Then find Mr. Right and get monogamous!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Picking our invite font as a twosome, something tasteful, but not too bland.
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Seating arrangements, charming the in-laws, ripping beer bongs, sex with a man!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": We'll be so happy, true love forever. Two kings walking hand in hand.
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Promise to cherish, trust and respect him. Crushing pu**y marry a man!
the="The" lonely="Lonely" island="Island": Spring break!
james="James" franco="Franco": That was awesome.
zach="Zach" galifianakis="Galifianakis": Ed Norton.
[Music Playing]