TEAM CONAN - by Yozzup?! An original hip hop song to support the greatest Late Night TV host, Conan O'Brien! Go Team Conan!

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Music and lyrics by Yozzup?!

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Go Team Conan
Yo we call him Coco
Go Team Conan
We love the Cone-Zone
Go Team Conan we're still by your side
Efff The Tonight Show!

Let me first say Conan, WE GOT YOUR BACK
All those NBC executives are on the wrong track
if they knew what's good, you'd get your show back
and that big boring chin would go crawl in a crack

I mean, to have your dream crushed in seven months
Is like a line in a monologue that has no punch
You deserved to have the show for more time
It's not your fault that NBC has lost their damn mind

Wherever you go, we'll watch your show
If you end up on FOX, we'll still love you lots
and if you take a break, we'll youtube your name
Cause nobody makes us laugh the same

I love to hear max on the kit
Andy with the quick color commentating wit
Labamba is a mess when he acts in the skits
But Conan O'Brien you're are the shit. (charity to help disaster in Haiti)