Chris Kattan is ordered to lead a troop of Girl Scouts in the 'hood. He's like their Michelle Pfeiffer!

Full Credits

Phil Neffler- Chis Kattan
Judge- Tasha Scott
Danasha- Keturah Gregg
Jarell- Lleythan Crosby
Tamesha- Sydney Bourne
Maria- Valentina Acosta
Jewanna- Ava DeVoe
Little Girl- Amanda Kaufmen
Little Girl’s Mom- Gilli Messer
Stoner- Tom Walsh
Stoner- Michael Mouris
Teacher- Molly Hale
Gang Member- David Kufeji
Reporter- Emily Jackson
Red Carpet - Hilary Vreeland
Director/ Producer- Suzi Yoonessi
Producer/Writer- Molly Hale
Story by: Molly Hale & Suzi Yoonessi
Producer- Jenna Lyng
Producer- Brianne Trosie
Director of Photography- Alison Kelly
Production Designer- Emily Grant
First Assistant Director- Josh Frankle
AC/ DIT- Mark Legaspi
Sound Mixer- Josh Bissett
Gaffer- Dessie Coale
Key Grip- Yoshi Isomura
Swing Gang- Preston Wood
Swing Gang- Sam Phillips
Makeup Department Head- Pavy Olivarez
Assistant Makeup Artist- Monique Paredes
Costume Designer- Erin Citti
Stage Manager- Matt Sweeney
PA-Leonardo Canneto
PA-Spencer Crossland
PA-Hayden Rusk

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(Male Voiceover):
Phil Neffler's last visit to
his agent didn't go as planned.

> Tasha Scott: I have two counts of hair pulling.
One count of calling a little girl poopie face.

> Chris Kattan: You saw her face.

> And using a marker as a weapon?

> He started it.

> (Male Voiceover): He went in with nothing left to lose.
Except his dignity.

> I'm giving you 90 days of community service with girl scout
troop 119.

> Cake walk.
This is where you guys meet?
Don't you guys want to be at a park or a library or something?

> Around here, those places are toilets for homeless people.

> Hey I like your crop circles.
You've got to get me out of here.
These kids, they're like a bunch of dick heads.

> Suck bananas you (bleep).

> They hurt me.

> All you have to do is keep them off the streets and help them
get a few badges.

> Badge.
Is that your teacher in a double fisherman's knot?
(kids are signing)

> C-o-o-k-i-e-s!
We got the cookies yes.
We got the cookies yes.

> Badge.
(the kid's are singing here)

> I was supposed to be your Michelle Pfeiffer from teachers (inaudible)
where they teach you (inaudible)
And I'm never going to be a real troop leader.

> You gotta shut up and hustle each and every day.
Now get up.

> I'm Phil Neffler. I'm the leader of troop hood.
Gather around homies.
Too much fun.