Just when Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew think they are out of the game for good, a... more »

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♫ Splat splat
(dynamic, hip hop music)
- [Dominic] We've only got one chance
to make this family whole again.
- One thing I can guarantee,
no one's ready for this.
(dynamic, hip hop music)
- Hi, I'm Jerry Seinfeld.
- [Cipher] London.
- Oh my God.
- [Cipher] Abu Dhabi.
- Do you think we look gay?
- [Cipher] Cuba.
- We've never been here, you would never, ever come here,
if it wasn't for me.
(dynamic, hip hop music)
- [Mister Nobody] If you're gonna catch Dom,
you guys are gonna work together.
- As long as they don't make me do it, I don't care.
- Let's roll.
(car doors slamming shut)
- Oh no.
(dynamic, hip hop music)
- Wait till they come,
- Maybe it's time for somebody to start taking the heat.
♫ Speak about splash go rat a tat tat
- You're not gonna like what I'm about to say.
- I will beat you like a Cherokee drum.
- You sit in that cell and you think about what you've done.
- Oh, dang!
♫ Switch it switch it up like that
- But are you in the mood for clonking?
- Yeah, man, why wouldn't I wanna bowl?
♫ Blast blast blast blast
- I'm gonna learn how to fly.
- How to fly.
♫ Let's go rat a tat tat in fact
♫ We about to go up like ooh (crashing)
- They say life's too short, I say it's way too long.
- [Passenger] Alright, you get style points for that one.
- That was very Jewish.
- (gasps) Wooh!
(dynamic, hip hop music)
- We're gonna need a bigger truck.
(dramatic music)
(squeaking, swinging metal)