Logline: "Larry Sanders" meets "The Biggest Loser." Starring... more »

Full Credits

Alicia Minshew - Bobbi
Alicia Minshew - Bonni
Veronika Dash - Jackie
Joe Cummings - Julian
Bob Luke - Rod
Jennifer Erin Bailey - Becky
Peter Iasillo, Jr. - Big Boy
Wesley Tunison - Skinny
Cody Strand - Crew
Ratnesh Dubey - Crew
Fredrick M. Lee - Crew
Billy Staples - Male Contestant
Noah Plomgren - Male Contestant
Patrick Faerber - Male Contestant
Sarah Elise Grodsky - Suzette
Katy Grenfell - Female Contestant
Yvette Mercedes - Alice
Marcella Branch - Female Contestant
Smith Cooper - Voice of Opening Announcer
Smith Cooper - Voice of Andy on the Phone
Written by: Seth R. Greenky
Directed by: Seth R. Greenky
Casting Director - Jerry Franks, CSA
Casting Assistant - John Serge
Director of Photography - Jake Cohn
Senior Editor - Adrian Lopez
Junior Editor - Patrick McCoy
Assistant to Seth R. Greenky - Audra Van Hees
Production Assistant - Martin Lewis
Sound - Mark Cohn, Jim Mauro
Make-Up - Rachel Whitehurst
Continuity - Renee Marquis
Thanks to The Mayor's Office for Film and Television
Thanks to Central Park Conservancy
Thanks to Stan Steen (Parkwide Supervisor)
Thanks to Jill Bristow (Director of Operations, Central Park)
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