Don't be such a homo i said no homo...
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Additional Credits:
Directed by:
Mike Brennan and Nick Skolnick
Chris Allingham
Michael Bergman
Still Images:
Tony Memento
Costume Design:
Sachi Shimosaka
Mike Murphy
Sean Donnelly
Bathroom Boys:
Matt Feemer, Steve McCarthy, Jay Riggio
Arthur Conway & The Crosley Hotshots
Special Thanks:
James Ioveno and Tv Boy
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Published: September 27, 2010
Lets take some pictures in a leather vest, nohomo...

We should have ourselves a wet boxer contest, nohomo

The things i do yeah might seem gay

but i get around it in a certain way.

Remember it ain't gay if you say nohomo!

Your balls on my chin shucks it makes me grin, nohomo...

Can i put clothespins on your testicle skins, nohomo...

I wanna wrap your nuts in some fishing line

and cram my cock up your behind.

Please don't misunderstand, I ain't nohomo...

On the business end of a glory hole, nohomo...

I'll sodomize you with a treasure troll, nohomo...

There's an airport bathroom that i know

where you can make a man your hoe.

But don't cast me in the wrong light, i said nohomo...

Hey lets tie our dicks in a knot, nohomo...

I'll rub my face with your cock snot, nohomo...

Hey look buddy don't give me no flack

i just wanna hide my fist in your butt crack.

Don't be such a homo, i said nohomo...