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July 29, 2012


and check out this trans scripts :

antonigames spelling bee :
hello welcome to spelling bee from
antonigames. has do you special in the
antonikid black!. has do you this question.
has you correct yes understand?.

antonikid black - contestant spelling bee :
understand!. you that this question
this are you today has be watching
has spelling bee not that this starting
are you ready?

antonigames spelling bee :
ready. you this one question only.
has winner or has lose that this your.
ready this question.

antonigames spelling bee :
your this antonigames highlight! season 5
and character this first season antonigames
highlight! you has this first scene name is???.

antonigames spelling bee :
F. A. M. I. L. Y. A. N. T. O. N. I. G. A. M. E. S.
Family AntoniGames.

antonigames spelling bee :
coungration. has winner this antonikid
black!. thank you so much has correct
this win has spelling bee from in the world.
okay thanks for watching has. more words.
has this your nothing is not incorrect. and
see you next time and see you good bye.