Rich guys have it rough.

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Starring James Coker and Marshall Stratton, Written and Directed by Mitch Lucas, Cinematography by Steve Siddell

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June 02, 2016


Let me call you back.
Hey man. How the hell are ya?
Barely scrapin' by.
How about yourself?
A little worse than that as usual.
How's the home life?
About to screw-ups from being over.
Wendy is so sick of my shit
that when I come home, I close my
eyes and I pray the key still works.
That bad, huh?
Yeah, we have a bum lock,
and the door is real hit or miss,
and we're so busy with the baby
coming that right now, we just
haven't had time to fix it.
[laughs] Taking the dad plunge I see.
Well, it's about goddamn time.
It's gotten to the point
where she literally has to hold
a gun to my head when we do it.
Really putting the pressure on.
It's a sexual fetish. I get
really turned on when someone
-puts a gun to my head.
-Fuck yeah.
Well, what about you buddy?
The man who escaped domesticity.
I walk the streets alone
at night not knowing
what the hell's going on.
You're really suffering, huh?
Yeah. Sleepwalking is no joke.
It's the 5th most
popular PSA right now.
Where are you living now?
I'm going to be honest with you,
right now I don't have a home.
Are you kidding me?
I wish I was.
I just sold my Zurich summer
home so when I'm there I
stay at the Schweizerhof.
Hey Wrigley, can I confide
in something with you?
-I'm leaving Wendy.
Two week trip to Beijing.
-My start-up was a sham.
-Don't say that.
Shampoo company.
Domefoam. We're revolutionizing
hair care for men.
I'm running away with a baby.
-Central Park.
Stroller running is great exercise.
I'm going to jail tomorrow.
♪ ♪
-Well, it's good to see you man.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Let's have lunch next week.
-Cool, cool, cool, cool. Yeah, yeah. Great, great.
-[film projector]