James Franco reads for a role in his next movie, "Jimmy and the Cop", where he really stretches his acting chops to the limit.

Full Credits

Starring James Franco and Will Bailey
Written and Directed by Jared Gruszecki and Garrett Schabb
Produced by Vince Jolivette
Edited by Zak Wojtanowicz
Special Thanks to Brantley Jones and Ian Seltzer
Presented by The Harvard Lampoon and Rabbit Bandini


->ExclusiveAlright guys, so we're excited to have you here.Okay.So, James, so I've got you asCool.And Will, you are playing James Franco.What?from the top.Uh, hello, I am James Franco.Cut.I don't thinkWhy are we stopping?you can decide to cut first of all, but.I just don't understand why he's playing James Franco,Will, first of all, it's good.Hey, I nailed that.James. No offence but,Yeah, I guess.So let's take it again from the top.Hello, I am James Franco.Tell me, James, where were you on the night of March 23rd?Alright, hold on a second, James.I'm not forcing anything.You're James Franco,I know who I am.Hello, I am James Franco.What the fuck was I thinking? That was fucking amazing.I agree with you, thank you.In other words,I can't tell if you're being sarcasticI think he's being sarcastic.I'm being sarcastic is,You are playing a cop, you are a police officer,None of this is real.Really, are we acting?Yes.I thought you were really James Franco for a second.No.Oh. Shit.Let's go to the final confrontation.We stand for this?Yeah, we can stand up, that's fine.Can you stand?Mhm.Good.So Will.I feel like I'm looking at myself right here.I want you to remember this guy you're playing.Like a retard.Lower.(Laughs) Okay, I think I got it.Alright, let's just try this one.Okay.Oh no, you are pointing a gun at me,Alright Franco, end of the fuckin' line.I didn't finish my line.Well,The movie star.And then.Bang, bang, bang!That's exactly what I wanted.Fuckin' stupidest fucking scene.You're hilarious, let's see it.We'll show him while we're looking.Let's see it.End of the road, Franco, say your prayers.What a fucking moron.
->Awesome.James Dogberry Doe Boy Franco,Keep going.Fuck!You keep going, I'm gonna go talk to James.Should I?No, it's gonna be fine.Fuck you, man.James, this is gonna be a blockbuster. We need you.Fuck you, you go do the scene with Fatty.Come back.