Some kind New Yorkers school Katie Couric on public health as she heads to host an event for Mike Bloomberg and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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♪ ♪
Katie Couric: [KATIE] Wait, what's this again Bloomberg?
Public health?
Katie Couric: Is this another soda thing?
Katie Couric: This is a 100 year celebration
hosted by you and Josh Hopkins?
Katie Couric: Oh, Johns Hopkins.
Katie Couric: You know, I think I went to
college with a Josh Hopkins.
Katie Couric: He was so hot--
[male 1] Whoa lady!
Watch where you're going!
Katie Couric: [KATIE] Oh. I gotta go Mike.
Katie Couric out.
Katie Couric: Thank you so much
sweet construction worker.
Hey, only my wife calls me that.
Where are you going so quick anyway?
Katie Couric: I've got this public health
thing over there.
Yeah, well this silly little public
health thing just saved your live.
Katie Couric: Thank you so much.
♪ ♪
[ tires screech, car horn ]
[male 2] Come on lady.
Haven't you heard of a crosswalk?
They're not for decoration.
They're trying to keep you alive.
- Sorry.
- What are you stupid?
Katie Couric: [KATIE] I hope you're happy
making a celebrity walk!
- [ ding ]
- [KATIE] So I guess I do have
public health to thank
Katie Couric: for not dying a grizzly death
on the streets of New York.
Katie Couric: The whole celebration for
crosswalks and construction barriers--
Don't forget letter
grades on restaurants.
And gasoline that doesn't
spit lead into the air.
Milk that's pasteurized.
- Hard hats.
- Birth control.
Good idea.
Recycling bins.
Katie Couric: Hi.
- [ he's coughing ]
- Oh. Hi.
There are places where I don't
have to breathe in secondhand smoke,
like restaurants
and public parks.
- I never thought of that.
- Thank you Mayor Bloomberg.
- Yeah--
- [together] Thanks Mayor Bloomberg.
- [ cell phone rings ]
- Oh. Hey Mike.
Katie Couric: Yeah, there was some people
here just saying you're number one.
- [MIKE] Katie, you almost here?
- [KATIE] Yeah. I'm right outside.
Katie Couric: I gotta say Mike,
I'm pretty psyched to
host this event.
Katie Couric: Public health is
really important.
Mike Bloomberg: I couldn't agree more.
Mike Bloomberg: Ah...
Mike Bloomberg: A large bowl of salty popcorn,
just for me.
Mike Bloomberg: And an extra large soda.
Mike Bloomberg: Don't worry about it.
It's diet.