It's easy to see why Facebook paid $2 billion for this amazing virtual-reality technology.

Full Credits

Starring Justin Lazernik and Nick Corirossi
Director - Charles Ingram
Writer - Jack Allison
Producer Matt Mazany
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Editor - Kegan Swyers
Gaffer - Matt Sweeney



> Okay, right this way.
Let's get you strapped in.
We've been working with Oculus for some
time now, well before we acquired them.
And we've created a Facebook app that we
think really
brings the social network into the future
of virtual reality.

> I've been a blogger, and a E-Miner for
years now, and when I found out that
had acquired Oculus rift, I leapt at the
to try out just what they had in store.

> Welcome to the future of Facebook.

> Wow, this, this is amazing.

> Let's get you logged in.

> How, how do I [LAUGH].

> Okay now there is it.
We think that users will find then when
the worlds of
Facebook and Oculus combine, it makes for
a truly immersive experience.

> It's [LAUGH] like I'm really scrolling
in Facebook right now.
Can I go to any website on this browser?

> Oh, this is cool.
No you can't.

> Perfect.

> Let's see if you got any messages.

> Mm.
Oh, I almost forgot.

> Take a look to your right.

> See that tv?

> Why don't you try turning it on.

> It's Netflix.

> That's right.
We wanted to make the Facebook experience
as realistic as possible.
So we added functionality, which allows
you to leave Netflix
on in the background, while you endlessly
scroll through Facebook posts.

> This is [LAUGH], this is the future.

> This is.