Here's the shit people DON'T say in Los Angeles.

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Starring: David Spade, Alison Brie, Diora Baird, Kevin Farley & Patty Guggenheim
Writer/Director: David Spade, Eric Leiderman
Editor: Danny Jelinek

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>> David Spade: Hey, nice car!

>> Kevin Farley: Hey, thanks! I'm six months behind on my payments.

[music playing]

>> David: Ho!

[tires screeching]

David: I'm sorry, that's your spot. You were here first, my bad.

>> Kevin: Yeah, I'm a comedian, but I don't have any plans to start a Podcast.

>> Alison Brie: Angelina Jolie seems like such a sweetheart.

>> Patty Guggenheim: I'm gonna go to Coachella this year. Cause I like ecstasy and getting laid.

>> Tommy Lee: Hey, listen, before we fu**, just an FYI, I got a ton of diseases.

>> David: And then they cuffed me and I said well look no further, the cocaine's mine.

>> Alison: Yeah, I've never tried coke. It's gross.

>> Kevin: Agents call me with so many jobs lately it's getting kind of annoying.

>> Alison: God, these jeans really make me look thin.

>> Kevin: The funding came through for my movie.

>> David: I'm gonna start telling the truth more often.

>> Patty: I got the part! Ahh!

>> David: I'll be there early because there's literally no traffic. I'm not gonna be late. I'll be there like thirty early. The four oh five is totally clear.

>> Kevin: No, I don't wanna be famous.

>> Diora Baird: I really like modeling, but my first love will always be heroin.

>> David: That was rude of me.

>> Patty: I started doing yoga. I feel exactly the same. I can't even stretch better.

>> Diora: My exes new girlfriend is so much prettier than me, and nicer.

>> Eric Leiderman: Dude, Viper Room this Friday. Please don't come see my band play. I'm sure you have way better things to do.

>> Patty: Oh, he's full-bred. I would never buy a rescue.

>> Diora: Wow, I'm really impressed with your car.

>> David: Thanks! I got it because I have a tiny dick.

[door slams]

>> Eric: I got the part!

>> Patty: I'm so happy.

[music playing]